Tax law

The excessive tax burden to which all taxpayers are subjected, allied to the state’s fundraising voracity to face their expenses, demand constant evaluation and coping with unconstitutionalities verified in the impositions In order to prevent the encafing of cash flows from undertakings due to undue payments.

For this legal service we highlight the tax issues:

Delinquency of customers

Recovery of Taxes (I.P. I, ICMS, PIS and Cofins) incidents on the low of duplicates.

Right to credit resulting from the difference between the entry fee and the goods issue rate.

Exclusion of ICMS from the basis of calculation of contributions

INSS – Payroll – non-wage funds
Analysis of the basis of calculation of the contribution, determined between the validity of the law 8.212/91 and the constitutional amendment 20/98, aiming to recover the values of the INSS incidents on the non-wage funds.

Civil law

We act in the purpose and also defense of all kinds of actions of the civil cause, from contracts, unreceived credits, and indemnity actions of any kind.

Losses and damages
Moral damages

Labour law

Our lawyers work with specific procedures for guidance, follow-up and instruction of the worker in order to defend, protect and guarantee the rights in the exercise of his profession.

Our lawyers are specialists and competent to offer ample assistance to workers who come across injustices throughout their professional activity.

Our priorities are the orientation and transparency in the relationship with the client, communicating in a simple and clear way the progress of the actions.

Some examples of labor work:

• Labor complaint with the objective of reviewing the irregularities related to the employment contract; Terminations Holiday overtime; Salary reframing; Career Plan; Fair cause; Salary equation; Reintegration Moral damage; RSI (repetitive strain injuries); bullying;

Labor complaint with request for indirect termination, for cases where the employer does not comply with his obligations in the work relationship;

Corporate Advocacy

The services offered by this advocacy are related to the various areas already mentioned in the law, including the sponsorship of judicial demands in the active or passive polo, preparation of opinions and support consultancy, as well as the planning Business, in which we highlight some areas:
Legal Department Outsourcing:
The entrepreneur, with the purpose of centralizing efforts in its end activity and reducing costs, has delegated legal services to specialized professionals, seeking greater efficiency and professionalization.

Ambiental Law

With the growing global awareness of the environmental issue, the need for adequate legal planning has become concrete, considering, among others, the environmental impact caused by the manufacturing activities, the plant installation And the final use and disposal of the product. In order to do this, it is necessary to understand the legislation of the environment, for the purpose of proper action with the regulators and contentious defense of the company’s interests.

Consumer Law

Nowadays, the business class must be prepared to meet the norms governing consumer relations, in order to act preventively to minimize the risks between manufacturers or service providers and their respective consumers. This is possible through joint action with specialized professionals.

Succession law

It aims to analyze each specific case, seeking the best solution concerning the restructuring of assets, elaboration of succession planning and asset orientation of the individuals, comprising the production of wills and documents with Protective and restrictive clauses, accommodation and relocation of assets constituting the asset acquis.

Corporate Law

In times of globalization, business societies increasingly come to seek the restructuring of their business through merger, division or creation of holdings. The mastery of these strategies provides adequate planning of the marketing, financial and logistics operations of the companies.

Sports law

The sports law has some peculiarities and we are prepared to attend from athletes, agents, clubs, federations, sports administration entities, investment funds and companies operating in the sports sector.
We have an innovative front of preventive assistance, consultations, opinions and corporate and labor planning with our clients.

Product Reclassification

The conflict of interpretation of the rules governing the correct tax classification of goods when importing, industrializing, marketing or exporting is very common.
As a consequence, it is not uncommon to set incorrect rates, exposing the taxpayer to a huge tax liability or unduly majoring the sale prices of the goods, as well as causing a disturbance in customs clearance.

Contract Law

Advisory and consultancy in the verification and design of contracts. Acting in processes aimed at the termination and resilience of contracts against eventual addictions of formation, invalidity and ineffectiveness of some of its clauses, or its integrality, observed when interpreting, or even by formal irregularities.

Corporate Law

We work in the incorporation of companies in Brazil and abroad, developing agreements between partners and in corporate operations. We plan and conduct corporate restructuring, always thinking about patrimonial and inheritance planning, through the implementation of corporate governance rules and asset allocation among heirs.
With our affiliates in Europe, we have developed complex international asset Management corporate operations involving the establishment of investment funds, foreign societies, Trusts, foundations and Limited Liability companies, both for Individuals as for legal persons.

Public law

We act in a preventive way, to preserve the company’s image together with the powers, in the litigation, administrative and judicial spheres.
We have developed defenses and resources in infringement proceedings to remove sanctions imposed by the consumer protection agencies, as well as to defend the interests of our clients in civilian inquiry.
In the judicial context, we elaborate actions to annul administrative fines and/or bring to judicial control the errors and arbitrarities committed by the public administration.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions of companies move the entire economic scenario and, because they are complex transactions of expansion or retraction that involve large players and move the economy, require specialized consultancy, judging by the strong regulation of the sector Private sector still exists in Brazil through the supervision and firm performance of government agencies.
Be it our customer buyer or seller, we aim to help you perform mergers and acquisitions transactions safely and efficiently.

Business consulting

We assign our business consultancy to the mission of building tools and concepts suitable for the management and planning of companies, taking as the basis, past data and current practice, to form a safe strategy aimed at a More efficient business administration.
This management is based on the great experience acquired by consultants in various market segments, which provides an accurate diagnosis of problems, projecting new procedures, motivated by the critical vision that is peculiar to them. This is possible, since they are not directly involved with the current procedures or routines of the companies.

Review and implementation of cost systems

Knowledge and action on costs have been shown to be determinant factors for obtaining profit. The good quality information is an indispensable tool for the correct decision making. The cost system, elaborated and implemented, respecting the particularities of the company, becomes an essential element in the generation of favorable results.

Economic feasibility studies

Competitiveness in the information age requires constant questioning of all activities undertaken by companies. In view of this, some questions arise:
• Buy domestically or externally?
• Buy or produce?
• Buy in or out of the state?
• Develop or outsource activities?
• Eliminate products?
• What is the profitability of a new product?
• What is the profitability of a new market?
In the answers to these questions we will be developing the company’s strategy to maximize its results.

Financial Review/Recovery

The experience gained in this segment shows that the financial system has the power to impose rules on the relationship between the client and the bank.
As a consequence, undue charges are generated in virtually all services offered by the institution, which are identified in the launch of several interest of the contracted in the financing calculations (Finame, BNDES, Leasing, working Capital and etc…) In their own bank fees.

Outsourcing activities (accounting and other tax)

The globalized world imposes on the entrepreneur the concentration of efforts in its end activity, implying in the delegation of ancillary services, but necessary to the daily life of the companies.
In this sense, we have carried out works in various sectors of companies, resulting in significant reduction in the cost of the operation, as well as in the optimization of routines.

Tax affairs

Review of fiscal and tax procedures:
This is a fiscal and tax routine analysis focusing on reviewing all the procedures for calculating taxes and social contributions, as well as compliance with the advisory obligations, aiming at reducing the tax burden and identifying Probable fiscal liabilities, resulting in greater efficiency of the routines involved and consequent cost reduction.

Review of financial statements (IRPJ/CSL and Lalur)

The need for planning, aiming to reduce the tax burden, as well as the recovery of the amounts wrongly related to the IRPJ and the CSL, has origin detected in the following causes:
• Complexity of the legislation that determines the rules for the preparation of financial statements;
• Constant changes in the legislation that reaches past periods, whose reflexes have repercussions in the elaboration of the current financial demonstration.
• The performance of professionals, mainly focused on the strict compliance with the relevant legislation, without knowledge and observance of administrative decisions preferred by the taxpayers ‘ Council, in a more beneficial sense to companies.

Banking Law

The Banking law area allows our clients attended by other areas of the office, mainly by the financial market and corporate law areas to be assisted in financial transactions in which they are involved, and can count on The support of specialists in the area, which stand out in the following activities:

 Advisory to financial institutions and companies in the hiring of loans and leasing;
 Advising foreign investors in operations with investment funds and participations;
 Support in operations with derivatives and futures markets, as well as in stock and counter operations;
 Advising on investment operations in financial institutions and similar.

Judicial Process Inventory

During the course of judicial demands there may be several changes in the spheres: legal, economic and social, occurring a substantial change in the originating purpose, resulting in undesirable contingencies.
In the face of such changes, entrepreneurs have been requesting the positioning of all their judicial demands, specifically regarding the request, value of the cause, resources, eventual succumbing, prospect of success and other items concerning the process.

Main segments of our customers

  • Abrasive
  • Sugar and alcohol
  • Agrarian
  • Agribusiness
  • General Warehouse
  • Automobile
  • Drinks
  • Auto
  • Shoes
  • Boilers
  • Pulp
  • Ceramic
  • Recreation Club
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  • Components
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  • Preserved
  • Consumption
  • Construction
  • Cooperative
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  • Packaging
  • Contractor
  • Electricity
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  • Casting
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  • Hypermarket
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  • Machines
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  • Building materials
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